Who is OwnIT?

OwnIT is a team of highly skilled, local IT technicians. We are committed to meeting small businesses and individuals where they need us, both physically and in cost. 

What We Do

OwnIT helps individuals and small businesses to install, repair, and manage their tech. Technology can provide immense value to your business and your life, weather its automating repetitive business actions, or setting up home automation OwnIT will be there as fast as humanly possible (and sometimes faster!)

How We Work

We know that getting technical support can be a hassle, that's why we have made a promise to always keep our process simple and easy.


With our quick submission process, you can submit an issue in less than a minute.

Always free diagnosis, and our service rate is just $35 / hour! 

Want to learn how to save even more?

Check out our membership options!



While our Technical Partners can resolve almost any technical issue you encounter, we think you will find even more value in having a trusted collaborator to help guide you through the web of technical options available to you.

We are here to make your relationship with tech easier and less time consuming. 



Purchasing new technology can mean hours of setup and troubleshooting.

OwnIT is here to help. We love working with new technology and keep ourselves up to date on the world of emerging tech to better serve our customers.

Work with OwnIT to minimize the time you spend dealing with technical setup & issues, and enjoy your new tech instead! 

Tech Consulting & Training

Tech Training

Arm yourself and/or your team with the knowledge and skills they need to keep your business & customer data safe and up to date in the digital age.

Tech Consulting

OwnIT can help ensure the scalability and security of your next upgrade, or just act as an expert set of eyes to improve your tech. 

Small Business Support

OwnIT can act as your outsourced IT Team, saving your business time & money. With our diverse team, you aren't locked into hiring a single skillset, instead you get access to the skills you need when you need them.

Additionally, OwnIT's money-saving subscription services give you IT support on a regular basis, at a price your small business can afford.

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