Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Technical Partners get paid?

The short answer is $24.50 per hour. The long answer is that the total cost per ticket is split 70/30 between the Technical Partners and, with the Techs taking the 70%. The hourly rate is $35 so the Tech makes 70% of $35, or $24.50. Additionally, if a customer requires on-site help there is a $10 travel charge included that the Technical Partner takes 100% of. This 70/30 split also applies to monthly business subscriptions.

How do the customers pay for services?

Once a Technical Partner completes a ticket and totals up the amount of hours/travel charges to bill for, they document it and is responsible for collecting it. The Tech gets paid for their work no matter what.

Do Technical Partners work totally on their own?

Techs are empowered to resolve customer problems autonomously but that doesn’t mean they are alone. The Network of Technical Partners includes Techs of every level and area of experience. The Network is very supportive and available to help out if another Tech runs into a situation they’re not sure how to handle. As a last resort, there is a “backstop” Technical Partner in every area that can step in if anyone gets into trouble.

What hours are Technical Partners required to work?

There are no specific hours that any Technical Partner is required to be available. Each Tech has the freedom to work on their own time. Tickets come in at all hours so if you're a night owl or have a 9 to 5 job and being a Technical Partner is your side hustle, that's just fine.

Are the Technical Partners employees of

Every one of’s Technical Partners is an independent contractor. This is how is able to keep the hourly and subscription rates so low and the pay for Techs so high.

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