The evolution of the IT help desk

Gone are the days of basement technicians instructing you to reboot your computer for the fifth time and claiming P.I.C.N.I.C. (Problem In Chair Not In Computer) errors. The old ways are dying and IT departments are falling short of customer expectations time and time again. But what is the missing link?

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of solutions to most computer issues, and knowing every solution isn’t important as a technician. What IS important is knowing everything about your customer, and THEIR individual solutions. As the curtain continues to be pulled back on large swaths of technical issues, the question becomes: “How can you as a technician, provide the most value to your customers”. The answer is scary. It’s just coffee and simply talking with your customers to let the solutions flow from their goals as a person or business and the technical roadblocks keeping them from achieving those goals.

Customer service is rapidly rising to the top of the heap as it pertains to tech help, and that’s a great thing! Typically, techs look at the easier computer issues as nuisances, lacking a challenge and mundane. This shift to a more customer focused mindset serves to improve the relationship between the tech and customers. With computers becoming less and less of a mystery and customers leveling up to become tech wizards in their own rite, your techs are freed up to tackle high value cyber architecture improvements that take out those pesky roadblocks keeping your business from scaling or reaching the goals you have set.

So, this information is great, but is it actionable? Absolutely, but it’s going feel really weird. The main thing that will be needed on both sides is patience. 100% of the simple issues aren’t going to go away day 1, so techs will need to be understanding. And the types of projects the techs will be shifting to will take time, so don’t expect the 1,2,3 profit method to happen in a month. Overall with a bit of trust and a ton of patience there is immense value to be captured at all levels of business from taking the leap into a more relationship-based tech support structure.

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