The best tech gift to give this year.

Of all the smartphones, tablets, game consoles, laptops, PCs, and smart home devices to choose from this holiday season, one stands out as the perfect gift for just about everyone on your list: The Oculus Quest.

“What is the Oculus Quest?” you might ask. Well, it is one of the only stand-alone virtual reality headsets available to consumers right now. It isn’t weighed down by cables, or some tricky setup. Consisting of just a headset and two controllers, it is just about as close to plug and play as virtual reality tech gets.

What makes it the best? Two words: versatility and ease of use. Let’s talk about the typical tech setup experience. First you open the box, put everything together in a hurry, and realize about halfway through that you need the manual that’s lying somewhere in the rubble of your excitement. Or worse, you have to scour the internet looking for a setup video or forum. Well, my non-tech-support friends and parents, that is absolutely not the case with the Quest. From start to finish of the setup you feel like a pro, with the exception of getting a feel for your virtual hands, which will take some time. And what’s even better is that for parents gifting this to young ones, the whole system pivots from an app on your phone, giving you more control over this system than other gaming platforms that have been around for decades!

What other tech gift can you safely give to both your nine year old niece and your seventy year old dad?! The versatility of the Quest is simply amazing. In my use of the device I have had the pleasure of working with those who are immobile and traveling the world with them in virtual reality! It is a truly humbling experience to see someone revisit their childhood street or walk through the busy streets of New York and listen to them recount every detail, “over there is where we would setup to play street hockey”. This really drives home the incredibly wide audience this gift can serve, while not everyone will jump into the fast-paced gaming environment there seems to be something for everyone packed into this little gadget and that is something truly special.

While the Oculus Quest may not be the perfect fit for everyone it does have an immense span of applications, so it’s worth a look. I know that the memories I have made both with family and in volunteering are more than worth the price tag.

Check out the Oculus Quest details at this link!

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