Can Apple's three cameras replace your digital camera?

You may have seen pictures of the new iPhone 11 Pro and it’s three camera lens array and thought, “that’s the silliest looking thing I’ve ever seen,” or “that’s overkill,” or even “that triggers my trypophobia” but no matter what came to your mind, it’s definitely interesting looking. The main question is: do those three lenses make it worth retiring your high end digital camera?

To try and help answer that question, let’s dig into what those three lenses do. The top left lens is the wide lens which would take your standard shots. Moving counterclockwise, the next is the telephoto lens which is for tighter shots. Finally, on the right is the new “ultra wide” lens that has an impressive 120° field of view. All three lenses boast an impressive 12 megapixels.

One thing to keep in mind about “zoom” when talking about phone cameras is that, because there isn't much room in the tiny lens housing for moving parts that allow for the focal length to truly change much (optical zoom), the phone will compensate by using “digital zoom,” which is more of a crop and enlarge function that results in loss of resolution when trying to get a tighter shot of Timmy’s smiling face on the seesaw. So currently the best way for engineers to provide the most advanced and versatile photo taking functionality is to add more lenses that are calibrated to varying focal lengths and have a very small degree of optical zoom.

Apple has also taken the time to calibrate the three lenses with each other to ensure the white balance, color, and exposure are consistent while switching between them in real time them as you zoom in and out.

Overall, Apple (and most other mobile manufacturers, to be fair) has made huge improvements to the phone camera but still lack many features that pro photographers rely on such as ISO, shutter speed, and aperture.

So maybe it’s not time to post the trusty Canon DSLR to Facebook Marketplace quite yet.

But if you do take the plunge into the exciting new world of “phoneography” keep in mind that OwnIT can help you set up your new iPhone 11 Pro and demonstrate all the fun new features!

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