Communications Best Practices

The goal of is to support and empower our Technical Partners to provide the highest level of service to their customers.

To that end, the following best practices can help ensure that the customer is informed and up to date on the status of their ticket, and if there is a break in communication or service, it’s not on the Tech’s part. Keep in mind, the device that is down could be the customer’s livelihood.

If you are a new tech, don’t worry about understanding how tickets are handled or created. That information will be in an email you’ll receive soon.

  • New tickets claimed within 8 hours

  • First contact made with customer within 1 hour from a Technical Partner claiming a ticket

  • If a ticket is created/claimed between the hours of 8:00pm and 8:00am, unless the ticket is marked high priority or is an emergency, contact can be made the next day

  • The first contact is a phone call or email for the purposes of fact finding or potentially setting up a day and time to meet the customer on-site, pick up the machine, or remote in to start resolving the issue

  • Ticket notes updated within 12 hours of customer contacts, even if the customer isn’t reached. That way we have documentation if they claim that we haven’t been in touch

  • Customers responded to in a reasonable amount of time when contacting a Tech. Within 24 hours would be ideal

  • If for any reason a Technical Partner cannot resolve a ticket they have claimed (something came up in their personal life, they can’t figure out the solution, etc.) that Tech can talk to another Tech about passing it on to them or let OwnIT know so we can make sure the customer still gets taken care of

In the event that a customer can’t be reached:

If the customer isn’t reached, a message is left with multiple ways for them to reach the Technical Partner. If the customer hasn’t tried to contact the Tech after 24 hours, Tech tries to reach them again, possibly by another method. If they still haven’t responded in another 24 hours, all methods of contact can be tried one last time. After another 24 hours, the ticket is closed.

A word about Technical Partner created tickets:

If a customer reaches out to a Technical Partner, a new ticket is created:

  • To document the work done in case the same issue comes up again

  • So the customer has details of the work done

  • So the Tech gets paid for their work!

A word about tickets for subscription customers:

Every contact with subscription customers documented for the same reasons as the previous section. Also, so we can keep track of how many included hours the customer has used.